Adult Lessons

Swimming is one of the most effective forms of exercise and a fantastic way to stay fit and healthy! Swimming can burn up to 350 calories in half an hour, a great way to keep fit.  And it’s non weight-bearing so the risk of injury is greatly reduced, as it minimises the pressure on your joints.  And let’s not forget the social benefits of being a part of our adults swimming programme and swimming with some great people.

Whether you’re a nervous beginner, need stroke development or wish to join our Masters sessions, there is a class for you!


Beginner Adult Lessons

Now that your children are learning to swim you want to ensure that you can keep them safe near the water and want to be able to enjoy the water with them.  If you have never done any swimming before, are nervous in the water or still using aids join one of our Beginner classes.  In these classes you will begin to explore the basics of the main strokes and the skills you need to enjoy the water and all the benefits swimming has to offer!


Intermediate Adult Lessons

If you can already swim, but need to improve your technique our intermediate classes are the place for you.


Ladies Only Adult Lessons

At Hamilton Aquatics we understand that whilst swimming is a fantastic way to stay fit and healthy, it can be a daunting prospect for ladies, particularly if you have never swum before. We have created Ladies Only classes, in secure locations, using indoor and outdoor pools with your swimming lessons being delivered by female coaches. We keep the class sizes small, ensuring you get a high quality service.

For more details regarding the lessons please refer to the timetable and contact the relevant site manager for membership forms and to book on to a course.


If you can comfortably swim 50m with reasonable technique in at least 3 of the 4 strokes you are ready to try our Masters sessions. We can give you challenging sets to help increase your fitness levels, or offer advice on stroke correction to improve your technique and efficiency in the water. We can even help you master that Butterfly you have always avoided. Whether you are a budding athlete, fitness fanatic, bored gym user or new to exercise and want to get fit in the pool… Hamilton Aquatics Masters Swim Programme is for you!

Masters sessions are designed to be flexible around your busy working schedule.  You can now purchase 10 sessions at the reduced price of  400 dhs and then just turn up when you are available.  Within these 10 sessions you can attend any of our Masters sessions across Dubai. 

Please see the timetable for the current locations, days and times.  If you are interested in joining our Masters programme please contact for membership forms.